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Welcome to Verifiez-e, Sri Lanka’s top high-tech background verification company. We specialize in offering dependable background checks, screening, and verification services. We provide complete solutions to satisfy your demands as one of the best verification businesses in Sri Lanka. Verifiez-e recognises the significance of robust verification methods. 

As a result, we provide background checks, pre-employment screening, education verification, criminal background checks, and drug testing in Sri Lanka. To achieve precise and dependable findings, our staff employs cutting-edge technology and adheres to tight regulations. 

To help your decision-making process, we prioritize efficiency and short response times. You can rely on Verifiez-e for timely responses and complete background checks in Sri Lanka. We are dedicated to providing credible information to assist you in making educated choices with ease. Verifiez-e can help you whether you are an employer, an HR expert, or an individual looking for verification services. 

To offer you with great service, our skilled staff adheres to the highest standards of professionalism, confidentiality, and correctness. Select Verifiez-e for all of your background screening requirements in Sri Lanka. Contact us now to take advantage of our sophisticated verification services, such as BGV and BGC, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with making educated choices


Verifiez’s vision is to be the leading supplier of background check services, leading the industry in precision, effectiveness, and dependability. By providing thorough and reliable information that supports informed decision-making, we strive to contribute to a secure and reliable environment.


 Verifiez’s objective is to provide outstanding background checking services that empower businesses and consumers to make knowledgeable choices. We are dedicated to conducting exhaustive background checks using cutting-edge technology, exacting procedures, and specialist expertise to ensure the greatest degree of accuracy and dependability. 

Why Verifiez

Our devoted staff is motivated by the desire to provide effective and fast solutions while upholding the highest level of  discretion and professionalism. In order to promote the honesty and security of Sri Lankan enterprises and communities, we strive to be the go-to partner for all background verification requirements.

Verifiez provides a comprehensive variety of background verification services, including job screening, criminal record checks, education verification, reference checks, and identity verification. 


Efficient and Timely Results: For our background screening services, we prioritize efficiency and deliver quick return times.

Secrecy & Professionalism: In all of our services, we uphold the greatest levels of secrecy and professionalism. Your sensitive information is handled with the greatest care, protecting both your organization and the persons concerned. 

Talented Staff :Our staff has extensive experience doing employment history checks, residence verification, credit history checks, professional license verification, character reference checks, and financial background checks. 

Our features

Comprehensive Background Verification Services:

Verifiez-e offers a wide range of thorough background checks to provide accurate information on individuals’ backgrounds


Efficient and Timely Results:


Verifiez-e delivers quick and accurate background screening results, prioritizing efficiency in the decision-making process.


Secrecy & Professionalism:


Verifiez-e maintains utmost confidentiality and professionalism in handling sensitive information during background checks.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff:

Verifiez-e’s team of skilled professionals conducts thorough investigations and delivers reliable results based on their extensive experience.


Why conducting a background verification is important?

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